Our Vision

Who: Alumni of Montessori schools. We leave it to individuals to self-define as alumni.

What: A community of Montessori alumni coming together to create positive change in the world and working for the growth of Montessori.

Why: Dr. Montessori’s method (the “Montessori Method”, though she called it “the children’s method”) is often thought of primarily as an alternative way to teach the academic skills emphasized in all schools, but it goes much deeper than that. She believed that “the child is the builder of man” and that it is only through education that real peace can be created. Children can show us the way to peace.

As alumni, we have the tools (and, we believe, the obligation) to show the world that Dr. Montessori was right. We are Montessori’s legacy, and we are the new adults that her “new children” grew into. Montessori alumni are busy creating a more peaceful and compassionate world in many walks of life, but we currently have no mechanism for working together to create something bigger than any of our individual efforts could be.

Goals:  We have a two-pronged goal:

  1. Create a network whereby Montessori alumni can come together to share the ways in which they are already working to better the world we live in.
  2. Use this network to create something that can show the world that we are agents of positive change.

Envisioned Outcomes: Our primary goal is to work for a more peaceful world in whatever way we can. Defining the nature of that work will be a collaborative process among the members of the network. That said, there are several other outcomes we hope to see:

  • Create positive publicity for Montessori schools and thereby help to strengthen our movement.
  • Encourage Montessori alumni to join a conscious community of Montessorians, creating a broader base of skilled people to help support the work of Montessori programs.
  • Provide a tangible outcome of Montessori other than high academic achievement to help others understand the purpose of the Montessori method.
  • Provide a mechanism by which new alumni become part of a “Montessori Movement”, so that they can continue to direct their energy, skills, and passion towards positive social change.

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